Life is a highway

Random title. hehe from a song.

The view from my room around 3-4 am. Beautiful isn't it? Having headache.

superr bad timing.

"Byzantine" came earlier again. it cuz of stress?

Kinda addicted to FB's quizzes and Pet Society. I was just thinking, my parents wondered why I said no. I wondered why I felt that way. Now thinking about my feelings just a few weeks ago, I'm thinking...OMG WENN, WHAT ON EARTH WERE YOU THINKING?!?!?!


oh well. Things are better now I suppose. haha

Back home for about 24 hours. Then I'm going back to my second home again. I hope this pounding headache of mine goes away soon cuz I seriously feel like throwing some furniture. =P

On Friday, went to college even though there weren't any classes. Needed to see our dear Mr Mazlan. Stayed in college until 8pm, went to Jusco to have our dinner at the same time buy Leong's present. The 3 of us (Evonne,Luppy and me) were seriously starving. Ate, searched for Bias's present. Quite hard to find cuz cannot simply buy. We need to make him look YOUNG again. After that was settled, LUPPY WENT ON A SHOPPING SPREE!!! hahaha I've never seen him like that before. It was seriously hilarious. I bought a top, he bought 3!!! He still wanted more! hehehe. He pretty much looks good in anything.

That night I didn't get any work done. =(

Celebrated Leong's birthday the next day. Gave him surprises. The cake we bought got loads of WHIPPED cream..muahahaha...

Evonne took some, I took some...usually ppl take whipped cream and attack the birthday boy/girl right? haha this time...I don't know why both me and Evonne attacked Ken at the same time. =P

Got him a few times.

played around a bit. That happened during our 15 minute break time during history class!!!

I got whipped cream on my face and hair.. ewww...luckily washed out in time before it smelled like vomit. bleghh..

Birthday surprises are fun. haha
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