Lend me your ears, or rather your eyes

omg. suddenly feeling emo. I'm really worried I won't be able to finish, I have no idea how to present. I'm actually feeling really scared.

I feel like something is missing. Something is not right.

worried larrr....T_T

Today, used the new classrooms for Environmental Studies. Walked all the way up to the 3rd floor. But seriously, after they renovated..it looks and feels so cool! I like the new classrooms. Although the outlook of my college isn't as cool as other art colleges but the equipment inside is really good! My college just bought new Apple desktops for the GD students! OMG! We don't get to use them...T_T... After class we went to eat, bought my pastel.

To be honest I got a little pissed off just now. Don't know how to describe or rather I don't want to elaborate on it. I just think that, I'm not a toy or a game to be played with just because some people seek pleasure in doing so. Maybe I'm thinking too much, I really don't know. But please, don't toy with me just because I'm a topic of your "pleasure"/"fun". I don't find it as pleasurable or as fun as you find it.

If it gets out of hand, I will seriously come to a point where I become cold and poisonous with my words. Which I really dislike cuz after that, relationships are affected and I'll feel all emo and weird again. argh...

I really wanted to say something just now but I just held back my words. I don't want to make things worst. So just shake it off and whatever lar. But..but but...I really almost cannot tahan already just now. I just really dislike being played/pushed around!

I'm trying to be understanding. If it was me, I might have done the same thing. Sometimes when people are having too much fun, things might get out of hand. sigh, I don't know what to think lar. I don't like being pushed to something because it makes me distance myself from it even more.

Suan le bah! Nvmlar. It's already over. It's done.

Anyway, there's class tomorrow, after that I'm going back home. Still have loads to do. I really pray and hope with all my heart and energy that I don't sleep so much at home. I might do some work later. I hope I won't feel as tired. My mood really off today leh and I don't really know how to improve it. I want to watch a movie but if I watch it then I'm wasting time. After this coming week I'm work free for about 3 weeks!

We're going to have a barbecue! then Steamboat. After that it is over to my place.. ;D but once all my friends go back hometown, I'll be lonely =( I'm thinking what should I do to feel up my time. I really want to do something beneficial...which I know it is super hard to do! sure end up like a couch potato!

The day before yesterday, we listen to our lecturer's stories about his past. OMG! who knew he was such a romantic,gentlemen...etc etc..all those things any girl could dream of! * screams *

You can really tell he really sacrificed a lot. He also loves his wife very very much...*awww*

Wow, I've not written such a long post in such a long time. Suddenly got mood to keep on writing and writing and writing.

Ate Bak Kut Teh for dinner. Yum! It's been really long since I had that. Last night, I put on a strawberry mask from Elianto. I don't know if it is really useful but the smell is just heaven! It smells so SWEET! so sweet until you feel like trying it. hahaha so totally random!

I'm feeling not so well, the weather also feel so hot. =(
okay, I think I'm going to end it here. A little too much already.
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