I just want to go home

Random title again. I love this song by Westlife..HOME *drools!*

Just had my dinner. Ugh, learning not to waste food, learning to finish every grain of rice. Don't want to bring it to hell with me. Every grain of rice can feed a thousand people. It's not a bad thing. But, I feel as though I have gained weight..!#$!@#!@ Don't care lar!



really random.

I feel as though my vocabulary has decrease. =( I find it harder to remember the words I used to know even though I seldom use them. So uncool!

next topic~

ever had group members who fit the term " sleeping partners"? what if all your group members are sleeping partners and you are the only one who isn't. Your assignment is due the next morning.

Sucks right?

Nope, I'm not in that group. It happened to my friends. I really think that sucks to the max! Really pity my friends. I cannot imagine what is going through their team members mind when they see their friends staying up so late until the next morning just to finish up the project. Yet, they can peacefully have their sleep!


what goes around, comes around.

I'm so awake now. I slept for 2 hours just now. Crazy, I couldn't even hear my alarm clock. I should not be blogging right now. I have work. I'm totally procrastinating. Which sucks really. I'm glad I've done the printing thing. I have 5 more days before my assessment. I'm freaking out! Not exactly but I'm really nervous. I really have no idea how to present. My colour scheme~ Haven't even started yet... * screams!* after assessment is exams all the way until the 25th!

Which means, I have to start studying. STUDY!

I'm really into a lot of chinese songs and korean songs now. Though I don't remember their song titles or what are they are singing about actually. Their melody, how the music goes is actually REALLY NICE TO HEAR!!!

Just last week, I almost got conned. By a well dressed, aged man. Bloody scary man! I must learn how to be rude and say NO! Seriously, asking me to donate, using card? Ugh..student lar..where got credit card...then asked me whether I have a Bank Acc and what bank is it??!! wtf !

Luckily luckily luckily...omg...

mum freaked when I told her. =/

Apart from that, I have to control my spending. =( Starting from today we all say no to spending too much! Food must be budgeted. Save money for assessment materials and future use! hahaha made a deal to help control each other.

AHHHH!!! Just saw all my old pics!!! I HAVE OFFICIALLY GAINED WEIGHT!!!!




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