I feel quesy

That feeling has not completely vanished yet.


I thought I was over that stage but I'm starting to realised that there is some left. Another thing, don't keep pushing me. I'm having this shield now, I can't bring myself to break down this armour... the more I'm being pushed to it the more I distanced myself from it.

I'm sorry. Sorry that I have to hurt people's feelings. I'm sorry that I made you feel this way and I'm sorry I have to hurt you with my actions. I don't know really if I have hurt your feelings but it felt as though I did. So I'm sorry.

I don't intend to. I don't know why this reaction just comes naturally. argh

It's not the right time. I can't bring myself to that level of commitment yet. I don't think I'm ready enough for it.

I'm also not over it yet. Nearly there but not completely. boo!

Presentation is tomorrow and I don't know what the hell am I going to present! I know it's my client's Vacation House but but but...gosh..I don't know what to say. My outfit...looked too serious so my mum suggested another outfit..which looks good too. I'm just feeling NERVOUS! Like EXTREMELY nervous.
I'm even worried about how I'm going to look tomorrow.



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