bad start,good middle,bad end


Holidays have already started~ Most of my friends have already gone back to their hometown. Already missing everyone and already starting to feel bored.

Wanted to update this blog yesterday but I had a very bad headache. I pretty much slept the whole day. I ate cold leftovers,Milo ice-cream, watch movies and slept on the couch. I woke up having a bad headache. So at night, I got rid of the headache by going back to sleep. hehehe.

Last Sunday, we all had our barbecue! We [annie,evonne and I] were suppose to stay over at Metroview to help prepare...


due to the bad hospitality...*gorilla especially* after marinating the chicken at like 5 something in the morning, we went back. Evonne and I reached home at 7 am..=( That was really one of the worst experiences I've ever gone through.It feels like we kena dumped on the streets with nothing. Some more that time I have zero cash with me...major insecurity!

Anyway, next afternoon we went to their place. Again the same feeling again...and their place is not very friendly you night got a lot of creepy crawlies and "stuff". I'm not too fond of going back there again. Plus it was raining heavily!

In the end it got on very well..things started to heat up.

before I continue..

PLEASE DON'T WATCH THE UNINVITED! Waste of time! luckily we didn't watch in the cinema. REALLY WASTE OF TIME! pfft

After watching that crappy movie, we wanted to go back and that was about 3 am. Annie couldn't find her phone. So we search and search...=(

We really couldn't find it. It was stolen. Seriously shocked. I have the kind of disbelief feeling in me. The feeling like that situation was impossible, like it could not have happened. But it did. We even check through the videos and pictures to try and figure out around what time the video have gone missing. Sadly we manage to track until 11 pm.

It's really a day gone bad... We couldn't do much even if we wanted to. In the end we slept over at Metroview to ask the rest if they have seen it. We have our suspicion but again we really don't know.


it's so hard when something like this happen. In a place where everyone knows each other. Everyone goes to the same place to study. Mostly are coursemates/classmates. To find out such thing happened, shows us that we have yet to seen the harsh reality of the outside world. It is sad but it is true.

I find it easy to type out the words, saying that how much we must prepare ourselves but in reality..I myself is not prepared enough.

I really hope karma hits the culprit real hard and fast. So fast that he didn't know what he got himself into. So hard until he couldn't get himself out of that nasty situation. I hoped Annie could find out who it is! I only hoped its not who I think it is...

lazy to upload the rest of the pictures. but really..more updates to come!

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