Had an emergency situation. So far the past week, I have been staying out again. It feels as though I have already moved out. I've been staying out to finish the work the lecturer gave us. Duration of time was 3 days and it's a group work. I stayed with Annie cuz Evonne's place was unavailable. We spent 3 days trying to complete the work and pretty much did not sleep for 2 days.

We were so happy that we manage to finish our work...but to our greatest disappointment it wasn't successful. Almost everything was wrong except for our mood board. Other groups, similar thing happened. We actually can predict what would happened~ but still it was really sad to see him "cross" our works.

But strangely, I was sitting there...thinking, what am I feeling now? Do I feel like crying? Am I about to cry? Do I feel angry?

I just felt a bit sad because we didn't do it well but I didn't feel like crying or I didn't feel angry. I did feel scared though. I felt really worried. This is no joke...taking interior design is really really tough and it is really really tiring. It's wearing me out. I feel extremely tired. My fear is that I would not last until Sem 6.

So after he checked everyone's work, we pretty much have to redo everything but this time is individual work.

The word "tired" is getting boring. But that is the only word that I can really use to describe how I feel. Which is TIRED...

I feel like taking a break.

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