super sleepy.

I'm so bored right now...too tired to do my work. Got lots of reading and catching up to do. Want to feel inspired and to feel...enjoy designing. Yet want to have fun, be updated with the latest on going happenings with our country..yadaa yada...

I've been emo'ing for the past few days. It's so not cool. I really don't like emo'ing. EMO is not fun at all. All these thoughts just come and go as they wish. I find myself again thinking too much and easily bothered by such matters. So frustrating. It's just like one moment I seem fine..or sort of fine and the next moment my emotions will just change.

I need answers people!!! *screams*

But no one have the answers...I have to figure this out on my own. What do I have to do to get what I want?


I didn't really think that I would go through this again...this complicated feelings. I forgot how it feels.


I feel like saying everything out. Like just get it over with but I can't. There is a time and place for everything.

I'm going to move out next week. Going to buy what I need tomorrow. I feel like a bit wasted. Before I shift in, when I was looking around for places to stay, everywhere was full. Now, when I'm going to move in, all these available places just suddenly pop out like wild mushrooms! Moving in and out season I suppose.

oh well. What to do?

I miss playing piano. My fingers feels tight..I just want to play songs, the melody...I miss my piano teacher, I just saw her brieftly the other day. If only my class hadn't started!

gosh, starting to be emotional again. GET A GRIP WOMAN!

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