I'm home again. But just for less than 48 hours. I thought I could come home early yesterday and then today I could join my parents to Kampar today. But yesterday was super spontaneous. Suddenly, some of my friends decided to go Sunway Pyramid to settle our project. o.O! Really shocked.

First time I drove to Sunway Pyramid without parental guidance. Parking in Sunway Pyramid is so much cheaper than Times Square. =(

It was interesting cuz never would I thought I would hang out with them, Nichole, Xuan, Philip and Ken. =) I reached home about 9 something and 10 something my parents and I went back to Wangsa Maju cuz I left some of the books at my friends place. CARELESS! >_<

On Thursday, it was just too much, everyone was just really too stressed out. The past week, it was really tough. Until a point I felt like I couldn't rise from where I fell. But I'm trying to work out something now...To figure and get back on track again. I'm glad I called my parents.

We were so stressed out, we went to Time's Square. Go karaoke and watched Street Fighter. Release stress.

Borrowed a book...the last time it was borrowed, was when I was 2 years old.

Cool right? hehe


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