I am home again.

can you see the purple dots? I don't know if it's blue black or my blood capillaries burst.

I used to blog once every few days now I blog probably like once a week. As usual, I'm back home... =) I'm so so so glad to be home. Again I thought I could stay at least almost 48 hours at home but no...only 24 hours. I was out the whole day until 12 midnight.

Me. Carolyn at the MIA's award presentation day.


I make it sound as though I'm a party girl. hahaha big joke! After class, friends and I went to have lunch. I didn't take my lunch just had tong sui, I thought I could go home and have some bite...I wanted to "ta pau" tong sui/ dessert. After all that, went back to the condo and just packed up and hang around a little bit. I really didn't feel like driving back because the weather was schizophrenic! So when I start my journey it was already 5pm. Traffic jam somewhere in between. Reached home at 6, unpacked and left the house by 6.40 pm. Waited for Sau Li and went to Justin's place. Got lost for an hour... -___________-" sigh.

SauLi.BirthdayBoy Justin and I

Left his place around 11 something, suppose to be before that but Birthday Boy gonna cut cake, and I met some primary school friend~ hehe

Iain.Me..haha taller than him for just a moment.

Fetch Sau Li to OUG and went back home.

wahhhh....SUPER TIRED!!! I came home and slept around 2 something. I didn't even get to touch my work. T_T

I really miss home. Staying out has its benefits but it's not home, and I feel like it's really mean or bad of me to say that I miss home and I really want to go home in front of my friends. I feel like I don't really have the right to say so because I can go home whenever I want. Whereas for my friends, their hometowns are like in Kelantan, Sarawak, Kedah, Johor, Penang... They can't just go back whenever they want to. Who don't miss their parents?


So many things happened. Honestly I don't know where to begin. Ups and downs, craziness. I have officially turned crazy. hehe I did something drastic. I somewhat had a makeover and I'm loving it.

BOO! or...wait..i should say...TA DAAAA!


I'll try to update more...I can't seem to compile everything that has happened over the past week and blog all about it. If I were to do that....It will take a lot of time which I am not willing to sacrifice! hehe

Evonne.Annie and I.


I'll just show pictures. More pleasing to the eyes. haha


okay. That's all for now. I don't have the feel or inspiration to blog. Probably later at night. hehe


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