home sweet home


It's already Sunday. Time really flies!!! I just reach home yesterday around 5 pm. I came home, I brought in all my stuff...it felt like I just shifted back home. I came home, had something to eat and then I was resting downstairs.. but then I decided to get some REAL GOOD SLEEP in my room. Since it's been so many days since I really slept. I think I slept like a pig. haha

5 hours straight. I would have continued sleeping if my bro hadn't wake me up. I think they would have let me sleep.. but since yesterday was my bros' birthday...hehehe

Not a big celebration lar...just talk, joke a lil and cut cake. =P that time it was 10.30 pm, they even "tested" me to see if I was really blur or not. haha failed...I wasn't as blur as they thought I would be. I haven't had my dinner, so everyone had cake and I had my dinner first.

At around 11 something or 12 something, I went to sleep again until now. I feel kinda lost, I have been staying out for about 3 weeks already. Now, I'm at home..it feels a little bit different. =P

Now I have to totally concentrate on my work. I want to last until Sem 6, if there are seniors who can do it why not us?!

Just got a new assignment for history.. group project. I wanted to do mosque or maybe church. We got church though but then exchanged with another group to do Sunway Pyramid. Um..um..um... at first quite upset lar. But then, I should think about it in a positive way. So I guess it's okay. Sunway Pyramid also not bad.

There are stuff I shouldn't think about. It's not good for me to think about it..to compare..it isn't healthy. I'm only hurting myself.

it's so nice to wake up..and when you go down you get to see your whole family~


There is always a first time for everything

whoever said art is just for people who can't study. whoever said art is simple. it's bullshit. art is one of the hardest thing out there. designing is not easy at all. nothing is easy. now I'm worried. can I handle it? I must think I can.

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