what a good day. I'm happy

One of the best days I've encountered! hehe!

My friends from college came over to my house today. Yes, from Tmn Melawati all the way to Shah Alam. I'm so glad that they didn't mind the distance, I was worried about the distance...it's bad enough I have to go through it everyday. lol

Annie. Evonne

I actually like to have friends over, it's fun!

Leong. Ken..guess who got waxed? hehe

Before I continue, those who came are Pearl, Luppy, Jah, Evonne, Leong, Annie and Ken. Initially I asked Pearl, Luppy, Jah, Evonne, Leong ..Nelson didn't want to go...and just now at the shop we just asked Ken if he wanted to go. It was a yes...so for me it was a "yay!" cuz the more the merrier!

Me. Luppy. Pretending to be "Taiwan whore" and "Indian whore". lol

Ken sat with me in the car, Pearl ditched me! hmph! at first she said she want to sit in my car. Suddenly she and Jah went to Leong's car! oh well..Luppy and Annie sat in Evonne's car.

Pearl(in my obm shirt).Ken.Luppy. Me

For me now all I can remember at a glance is that it's so hevoc, at least for me. Laughing..going here and there. Cuz I'm not really used to having guests at my house...so it's like ordering the food, get the drinks..here there...laughing. A LOT OF LAUGHING MADNESS. Until now I still can't stop smiling. We ate domino's, watched a movie and go jalan jalan around my housing area. They tried to gamble but tak jadi! lol

I can't believe they make an exercise equipment look so wrong!!!! Jah. Luppy

I didn't get to try though. haha Most of us don't really know how to gamble! It's so surprising, I was actually shock and so glad that there are people like me who don't really know how to play Chor Dai Di. LOL

Luppy.Jah and Pearl at the back.Ken.Leong.Evonne and Annie.

Hmm, 8 people finish off 2 regular + 1 large pizza with break sticks, sweets, drinks, snacks and my mum's rendang. Is that a lot? lol must have been a bunch of hungry people.

I found out so many things today.. it's so interesting to know that you have so many similar people around you and yet we're so different? It's fun when you can have all these kind of bonding sessions. Like second family!


by the way, I know the way I'm typing now it's like excited expression.

I shared with them some of the DORKIEST photo's of me that ever existed! Which I won't put it up until I have enough guts! lol. I wish I could have captured everyone's expression. Priceless! Embarrasing but priceless! We all have a dark dorky past. I could still remember how it went.


Evonne can play the piano so well! I love herrrr...she can play by ear, which is even more awesome. Evonne, please pass to me your wisdom! lol. But seriously she's really good!

We waxed a guy's leg, cuz we suggested to that guy and he agreed to it! It wasn't even a dare! He willingly wanted to try. See! most guys would probably run to somewhere else or would rather do something much worse then having the hair on their legs get pulled out! Even Luppy didn't dare. I don't know if I should mention who is it..haha it's either Ken or Leong.

they are the oldest among us...but they act the youngest!!!

All I can say is that I'm surprised yet admire the open'ness. hehe. It's refreshing! Actually all of us have a lot more in common than we realised.

exercising..haha this one gives a floating sensation

I gave them a tour around the housing area, the park and everything. It's a nice place to hang out. Can have picnic also I think. Hopefully we'll get to do so! Have barbeque also can! haha swt. I sound like I'm promoting the place. -____-"


gahhh...I'm too excited already.

I took a video. It's uploading now, I hope it'll be successful but my voice sounds so weird when I'm laughing and excited. Is it annoying? I hope not!

The video quality is kinda crappy. My eye bags are so obvious! haha nvmlar. I was a bit too hyper.. Told you I was excited.

Thats about it I think. Getting really tired already!

second family. hehe

nitey nite.

Love them!

xoxo! =)

oh.before i forget. This was one of my work. A bit weird. haha Material rendering.Used the art markers and touch up with colour pencils. Top 2 is wallpaper followed by carpet, bottom 2 is granite and on the left is fabric. Go down again is tile and the last 3 is timber.
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