I'm not feeling good these few days. Tummy aches most of the time. It's so weird. I get diarrhea when I haven't had anything to eat yet and I get nauseous. =(

Today, when I reached home, I was hungry so I ate my dinner. After eating my dinner I felt like vomiting! So weird. My mum cooked sambal with ikan bilis and eggs. Yum!!! but it was soooo spicy until my stomach literally felt the burn this afternoon when I had it for lunch.

Check out this temporary tattoo Pearl did for me!

simply awesome. =)

nice right?

She's really good. So so cool.Even my parents think it looks good..No worries, I don't intend to get a permanent tattoo. lolx

damn! can't get into Facebook.

I know ever since I started college I've been ranting on and on about how much work I had to do and also how tired I am everyday. I also know that recently I said I have a solution. My last post said that I'm happy and my parents are okay with it.

I think you might have guessed it? Well if you haven't, I'm not changing college. I like my college too much to even think about transferring. hehe I'm going to move out!

I didn't bother mentioning it in here cuz it wasn't confirmed...manatau, if kena jinxed then how? hahaha Well, it's pretty much confirmed, so yeah, I'm going to move out. Staying somewhere near my college. About 10 minutes away. =)

It's like back to basic again. I don't really mind, all those are just extra comforts. hehe of course it won't be easy. I'll be very home-sick I think, and I have to get used to it. I'm actually feeling really excited. Being closer to college, closer to my friends. It's somehow really liberating and it's a kind of freedom. Not to do as what I like but freedom as in to learn how to think for myself and make my own decisions. Dealing with the "outside" world. Learning how to be really independent and street-wise. Sounds like an adventure no?

I think I can survive without TV, but I cannot survive without Internet. So luckily got Streamyx!! hehe Hopefully I get to shift in soon. Now contemplating about when I should shift in. I really never thought that this day would really come. Don't get me wrong, I don't dread it at all! I've wanted this to happen ever since form 4. But I thought there is a high chance it won't happen.


I really feel glad. I feel that I'm lucky enough to have known my friends and have all these opportunities.

Tomorrow, we're going to go Time's Square~ haha we're going to tear down the place!!! no no no. We're not that wild. We may be "corrupted" but we're not crazy wild.

My godmother is coming down to stay overnight before going to Singapore on Sat. It's been so long since she came down to KL. =) glad to see her again. I've not been a very good goddaughter. =(

It's Valentine's Day in 2 days time!!! Hurry up! get your dates!!! hehehe

what am I talking about? haha promoting people to get dates and spend money.

okay, enough ramblings!


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