I'm bias to my own country. Can't help it.

Harbour Front

Singapore trip was great!

I had fun even though I didn't get to explore some of the places as much as I wanted to cuz of the time constraint but it was still good! Most of the pictures were taken by my bro hehe he is a much better photographer than me.

I really like Singapore, I like the fact that it is convenient for EVERYONE to get from point A to point B. Everything they do/build is basically for the convenience of the people. EVEN THEIR TOLL SYSTEM IS SO CONVENIENT. You don't have to slow down and pay/take out your TnG card and wait for the boom gate to rise. See above pic? Whenever you use this road or pass one of these things it will automatically minus out from your "smart tag like gadget" in your car and there will be a beep.

I'm so bias to my "tanah airku"!!! BUT TOO BAD...IT'S TRUE!

There is so many aspects of Singapore that I like, their education system, all their architecture and how the fact that in general everyone could almost afford everything.

Okay, like for education system, if you're good enough you can graduate the express way which means 4 years of high school instead of 5. After that you can either go through Junior College (like form 6) or Polytechnic/university/etc... Besides that, they do emphasize on balance between the arts and science. Like if you take science stream you must at least have 1 art subject and vice versa. That's what I found out when my bro and I checked out their Junior College.

Over there, all the buildings are so modern/contemporary and young! hahaha you feel creative when you are around that environment. Well maybe cuz we're too used to our local architecture. Everything is so different and colourful.

Dollar to dollar value over there...is affordable. Books over here are SO expensive and not everyone can afford.

How to instill reading habits if our books are so overly price?!

Okay for example lar, a really thick book like History of Art. Over here they sell probably like rm100+ to rm 300. Okay, maybe not until rm 300 but close to it like rm200+. Over there, at an art museum it cost like 89 dollars. See what I mean about the dollar to dollar value? Even the stuff sold at the art museum is affordable for their people. Do you remember going to museums and zoos and then entering the gift shop just to get some memorabilia but decided not to because it was SO EXPENSIVE?

Another example, the brand Crocs, per shoe is like rm100+, lets say rm 169. We went to Vivo City and the Crocs there, some are like 54 dollars? Of course if you convert to RM it is about the same. What I mean is Dollar to Dollar value. Almost everyone can afford everything. There isn't a huge gap between the people.

I really like the fashion there. hehe! Shopping there is like heaven...but sadly low on $$! conversion rates! The styles there are really nice. I didn't really spot the "lala" clothing at all!!! All are normal, cool, funky, stylish, clothes! Even at Bugis Street which is like our Petaling Street but SO MUCH better or like Hong Kong's Ladies Market but better and safer.

Of course not everything about Singapore is good. 1 thing, the food there doesn't taste good. It's either they can't cook or the hawker food over here has too much Ajinomoto in them. Even food at the restaurant at a club doesn't taste so good. Through out that 4 days we only had 3 yummy meals. Only 3 yummy meals!!! One was cooked by my aunt, another was at a Japanese Restaurant in Vivo City and the last was when the cabin crew of Aeroline (Bus) gave us ta-pau'ed food from some mamak shop. Serious!

You might be thinking maybe my family eats really rich food like high in salt and sugar but I don't think so. My family has cut down on the sugar and salt since like ages ago. Maybe we didn't find the right place to eat over there.

Over there, there isn't any natural forest either.. and oh yes! Life there is stressful because you constantly have to update, upgrade and maintain your image. I like it there but when I came back home, I have the feeling that I'm home. Yes, I love it over there, if I have the chance I would love to go there, study there, work there but in the end the feeling isn't the same as how I felt at home.

still got a lot of pictures! I'll slowly share them with you guys.

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