I'm back. =)

all I can see is that...we look like hell....I look so horrible! bleghh

Hey all! It's been so long since I blogged and now I don't know where to begin. It's been really hectic.. I didn't even really get to talk to my friends in college..I mean we talk, but not really TALK... Make any sense?

see? I look like a mess...hahaha soh poh


Luppy..he looks really good! hahaha

Here's the update with me...I've been staying out for the past 1 1/2 weeks. As in, I'm not staying at home right now, I'm at a friend's place which is nearer to my college. It's also my future home by April.

reason why I've not been home?

i am being rebellious...!!!! haha NOLARRR. I've already pass the "rebellion" age I think. hahaha I had so much work to complete in time for assessment that I needed to stay out. Travelling back and forth is taking up too much of my time.

Evonne..hehe corrupted girl

It's been good, it felt weird at first but I don't feel like its difficult. =D it's actually fun. I'm not bored of it yet. hehe.

I miss my family though. I miss my bed. The last time I saw my parents, I ask a favour from my dad cuz I left something at home...I was so stressed out, I wanted to talk to them badly...but they were so happy etcetc...and I was rushing...I nearly cried. =(

I'm also trying to brush up on my mandarin. It's getting better...I still don't understand a lot of words...but it's getting better.

I also took a bus from college to Wangsa Maju the other day with Annie and the rest! =P First time..I mean it's not like I have not sat on a bus before..but can considered first time lo. hahaha

We've been preparing for ID assessment...only 1 assessment..and yesterday I did not sleep. 24 hours of no sleep. I did fall alseep while doing my work..hence the mistakes I made!!! Parti Komunis Malaya lar. Spent so much money on photocopying, printing. Sigh. I still have exams tomorrow.

I have exams the whole week plus assessment. I look like hell today. Actually we all did! For the first time I stayed in college till almost 11pm.

After today, I think a lot of us are asking ourselves...Are we meant to take Interior Design? Don't get me wrong, I didn't do it wrongly..just that it's something he said, his expression that made me think... I don't really know how to say it. But I'm starting to wonder. How do I know if this was meant for me? Or even if I want it...how should I make it better?But then again, we're considered okay I guess, we are kinda advanced cause we already did bedroom in foundation..when actually we're suppose to do it in Sem 2.

we sold our soul to ID. I think I mentioned that before. I really want to do this. I really want to design something beautiful and something people would love to use.

Must get back my SEMANGAT! Don't want to make the same mistakes for Finals anymore!!!


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