I will patiently wait. hehe!


Just yesterday I saw people flying kite in my housing area's park. So high up!!! it was so nice...I just kept staring and staring. I wish I could fly a kite again. I remember during primary school we had a school project which was to make a kite. Logically, kites made from "kertas warna" and "lidi" cannot fly no matter how you try. But of course that time I was young and naive... I tried like a hundred times also tak jadi. =(

So my dad helped me make a few! hehe those were precious memories I think. We went around Seri Petaling to find bamboo...we used the Carrefour plastic bags as the body/skin..(I don't know how to describe it).. omg. I pity my dad. I don't think I helped out much. Just teman him here and there only. I also remembered last time, before Zone K was developed and before SMK Seri Saujana existed it was an empty plot of land. So my dad, bro's and I went there to fly kite. It was fun! I think I played around with the sand rather than focusing on the kites.

I'm so happy!
I know it is going to be tough. I'm going to be real home-sick when it happens but still I can't help but feel excited!
Mum and dad gave thumbs up! Dad checked out the place... he seems fine with it.

*jumping with joy*

now the question is WHEN??!?!
I want it to be now...can? No, cannot. Have to wait...

I shall patiently wait. As long as I know that this is going to happen and it will be a reality. Then I shall patiently wait. =)

I had to go to college today. Checked out Music Department for our project. I think it's a good idea. The Music Department is like so much fun!!! everyone mingles unlike us, we're so separated. I wish MIA would extend their building or something and make Music Department next to the Design Department. It would be so fun! Then we can everyday go visit them and listen to them play and sing!

That way, it'll seem more like a BIG institution for arts! *dreaming*

I met a bunch of them. So friendly and funny people. Reminds me of us...as in the people I hang out with...haha loud and funny. =) not to forget...friendly. =P hahaha It's true!

Just an hour ago, I so semangat practice piano and for a long time too!! hehe don't know what got over me. But I like it! But no matter how much I practice...Whenever people intentionally listen to me playing my fingers will automatically jelly'fy. =(

I'm a nervous wreck when it comes to performing I think. I don't mind talking/doing presentations...but playing the piano? Even for my family I get nervous. Scarriieeee....

Must learn how to over come this fear of mine.



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