I feel like eating Yee Sang

I don't get it, I thought this is what I really want, something I'm willing to sacrifice pretty much everything just for it. So why am I taking things lightly? I'm feeling so ignorant and not bothering about anything around me. I used to be sensitive...well I still am but I feel like a total guy! no offence. What happened to my oestrogen's??? kena switch with testosterone's ar ???

hah! I'm unknowingly on the verge of madness. Still got work to complete which needs to be hand in tomorrow and I'm here blogging, how familiar is this situation?

Yesterday, first class after the CNY break. The class was pretty empty. Mostly guys were absent, haha still enjoying CNY I suppose. Feel so moodless plus I have to spend so much money! I think I spent almost 100 bucks just for markers and some binding stuff.


I just realised something about this year's CNY... I only ate 1 mandarin orange. ONLY 1! I love oranges but I'm not a fan of mandarin oranges. But still, I always eat more than 1, probably like 5 or 6. Another thing, I have not gambled yet!

I just remembered another thing.

I only eat Yee Sang 1 time =( and it's not with my whole family!!! it's with mum,bro and uncle's family. My own whole family havent together makan Yee Sang!

now that is really sad.

it's okay if I don't gamble, it's okay if I don't eat mandaring oranges. But I really want to eat Yee Sang with my family. But I don't think got chance, everyone is so busy. 2nd bro went back to Penang, mum and dad busy, eldest bro busy.

oh well =) no biggie.

Month of Feb, the shortest month but one of the most commercialized. hehe Valentine's Day.

got to get back to my work.
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