I am bored.

I've been staying in this house for 2 years already. So fastttt! I'm turning 19! Almost 20! How much we've grown. Just 2 years ago I was sitting for SPM, 7 years ago I was 12 years old.

Crazy, suddenly got this nostalgic feeling. Sign of old age?? o_O

I hope I aged gracefully, I don't want to be the type that goes through denial and does not accept that he or she is growing old. hehe

I'm being nonsensical.

I just feel like typing words out while doing some research because my table had to be used for prayers tonight. -___-" my study table is the foldable type. Potong stim only, I really want to complete my elevations! Mr Teo's work lagi teruk, haven't even touch, can't help it though, I only have like 8 colours and the rest are greys. Need to buy some more colours which means $$$. =(

There's this drama series, Singaporean drama which apparently is like the craze of the whole nation right now. It's called Little Nyonya. It's in Mandarin, about Baba and Nyonya. Very good plot and apparently it's filmed in Malaysia. Mum got it from Singapore after hearing how good it was from my uncle. lol


it's really nice to watch...addictive. Were you or any of your family members got addicted to Jewel in the Palace? the korean show..well I think when you watch this..the same type of addiction comes back.


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