Come on Barbie, Lets go PARTY!

I don't want to talk about Valentine's Day because there is nothing much to talk about.

I'm a single person who hasn't got a date on Valentine's Day. So what say you? hahaha It sounded so bitter. But what I mean is, I guess you guys would know what I would write about if I were to write about Valentine's Day. If I have a bf then I would write probably what "plans" I had going etc etc. and if I am single then I would either be sad that I don't have a date/anyone to celebrate it with or I would say it's overly commercialized to celebrate each other's love on this particular day, I am happy being single, celebrating it with my friends..yada get my drift don't ya?

I've never really celebrated Valentine's Day. I had the chance...but it got kinda ruined...Don't want to talk about it. haha anyway, that was ages ago..Dinosaurs probably still existed.

Plus, my dad's birthday is on Valentine's day!

In the morning, the first thing I did when I woke up was I wished my dad Happy Birthday! If I don't do that, by the time I reach college I might have forgot to send an sms or call him. haha so better wish first.

When class ended, I was on my way back home, mum sms'ed asking me to make red eggs. I said okay, and I told her I would buy a cake too. I was thinking, should I buy Secret Recipe cake or just a normal cake like from Jusco or something.

Since my family don't make a big hoo ha's about birthdays, we seldom eat I'd figured we won't be able to finish Secret Recipe's cake and so I decided to head off the Max Value. I chose chocolate banana. I wanted to buy Cake of the month but decided on Chocolate Banana.

When I reached home...settled down..etc.. mum came back and she said my cousin/godbrother bought a cake too. A Valentine's day cake. I was thinking,"wahh..heart shap cake ar?" -_-"


I took the cake and I saw the same packaging as the one in JUSCO. I prayed so hardddd that it wasn't what I thought it would be....


it was.

THE SAME CAKE AS I BOUGHT!!!! just different words.

I don't think the statement "Great Minds Think Alike" can be applied here. =(

all I can say is...HAIH! but atleast the cake taste good. Not bad at all. lol. sorry pa.

Yesterday I went to Times Square with my classmates. The same people who came to my house. 2 cars, mine and Leong's. I wanted to drive there so I would learn how to go to Times Square. We over estimated our time. Class ended earlier that we thought.

So jalan-jalan..went arcade.

We sang at Neway. Sing until voice changed! 5 hours of singing. I listened to all the chinese songs they chose..omg. So nice to hear. Makes me wanna sing them so badly. I've got "teachers" to teach me mandarin already! hehehe..

The only Chinese songs that I know are Tong Hua and a bit of Melodi...=P embarrassing.

Basically we all had a lot of fun, the bill came out super expensive lor..darn snacks! it's like robbing us in a LEGAL way.

It was all good until I found out about something. I did feel quite upset about it for a moment. But I think I'm over it already. I don't get it why I got upset, maybe again I hoped for too much. But it's okay now, I DON'T WANT TO CARE ABOUT ALL THESE THINGS ANYMOREEEEE... The more I bother about it the worse it becomes. pfft. The suckiest part...last night I had a dream...

totally related to what happened. rawrrr..I woke up feeling so odd, like I could ignore it or I could feel sad. I wanted to feel sad...I felt like curling up and cry.But I can't cry, it's just a dream. If something like that happened I would accept it. Cuz feelings are something you wouldn't know what would happen.

Anyway, I don't want to know about all these things anymore. At least not now, Pearl said she's got something new to tell me and it might give me a heart attack. lol I don't know what is it about and I'm not sure if I want to know or not.

Some things are better left unsaid.

I was actually supposed to go back to MIA, and fetch Pearl back. Luppy and Jah went back on their own. They say they would lead me out and after that I can straight away go back so it's less hassle for me.

I almost got lost again. Cuz really a HUGE coincidence! There were so many cars so I lost them..when I finally manage to catch up, there was this car, same car, same plate...number I'm not sure. Starts with the same number. Turns out it was the wrong car! That car went into some housing area, omg..what luck man. I should have remembered the number plate. LOL maybe can strike lottery.

So I tried to get myself out of the housing area and into the main road. Contacted them..etc etc..and manage to find the way out! PHEW! At night le...lagi scary than day time. haha I have to thank Evonne and the rest for being so patient. <3

So basically that's about it I think. We all manage to get home safely, the next day we all came to school looking so tired! everyone was so tired. Can't even pay attention in class. hahaha can pay attention lar but we were more focused on the jokes. hehe

I finally ask my parents...they agreed and gave me a much better option! the one I actually hoped for!!!! YAY!
haha tell you guys next time =P

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