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What is everyone up to this Valentine's Day? Busy preparing for a candle light dinner? planning to spend it with your special someone? Spending lots of $$ on bouquets of teddy bears and roses?

Or like me. No plans (yet). lol

I remember in school last time, it's always the time to send roses, chocs and candies to your friends or *cough* *cough* special someone. haha

I heard a story once. It's a true story. I'm not sure if I've mention it here before.

My mum told me, the neighbour school of my high school. There was this teacher who was pretty much hated by these bunch of students from a class. During teacher's day I think, (why am I talking about teacher's day when it's all about Valentine's day? -__-") they gave her a big present. It was a big box. When the teacher opened the box, she got THE BIGGEST SHOCK OF HER LIFE. It was filled with creepy crawling worms!!! ewwww... They must have hated her so much to do that. Do you pity the teacher or would you say serve her right?

conclusion : don't be such a pain in the butt. Who knows what might happen these days.

Valentine's Day celebration...

I bet most universities and colleges have something like that too. But but college..seems like nothing is happening. I don't know whether it's a good thing or not. Good in the sense like it's not overly commercialized. Bad in the sense...." it's not fun!!! All we do is go college and time for cute stuff like Valentine's Day" =(

oklar. We still have fun among friends. =D

Since Thursday it has been non-stop laughter. Everyday my tummy and jaw will ache from laughing. haha and then today is so quiet. No one to go crazy and talk dirrty jokes with. I think I got corrupted already. All of us got corrupted real bad. haha Tidak boleh di selamatkan lagi.

This is all random talk. I need to blurt out all this random'ness then only I can calm down.

Cacing Kepanasan, really, I can't sit still.

I'm feeling really eager. Eager about anything! I have this group project for environmental studies. Something to do with Acoustics which means sound. I'm excited I don't know why.

There are 3 of us in the group; Pearl, Ken and I, the weirdest thing was both Ken and I got the exact same idea! omgosh. Talk about coincidence. haha.

After he said his idea, I went hyper cuz it was the same exact thing! lol I need to learn how to calm down. -__-"

hopefully we'll do it well!

Ever since after high school I find myself becoming more comfortable in my own skin. Good thing of course! Nothing feels better than being comfortable in your own skin. Not 100% there yet. But I'm getting there.

I got bored and at the same time I have a lot to finish. The outcome was as below~

over here Emily looks like a cartoon. Thats what I told her. Not sure if she'll kill me for posting this up anot. kekeke

It's either you have too much work until you act crazy or you have too little to do until you act crazy.

over here you have me. Looking absolutely RIDICULOUS. Some kind of hippie bohemian freakk. haha failed!

In this case its BOTH! Crazy+Crazy does not give you normal. Crazy + Crazy = CRAZIERRRR

okay. I'm going to stop here. Enough of unrelated random stuff. I think anyone reading this is already confused.


shout out : I don't like mosquitoes! why do they always come to me and not others? =(

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