Those were the days.

Yesterday night, went yumcha with some of the primary schoolmates! So good to finally see them again! super hilarious! It felt really good.

I regretted not taking any photos!!! arghh..i brought the damn camera but didn't use. I think we were too busy laughing.

The people I manage to meet were Chu Kean, Ka Wah, Jun Kang, Enoch, Narresh, Liang Yi, Mei Yan, Lynnett and Su Ann from the land down under! There was one more guy, that came later...I really forgot his name! I'm so sorry..I remember his surname was Tan. Thats all.

Reminiscence of the good ol' naive days. All the ex-crushes, and "potential" bf-gf's. Telling ghost stories. O_O

They are meeting up again on Wed. I'm sad I couldn't join them. I'm going to Singapore on Tue. Mei Yan's going to Aust on the 6th. Everybody is leaving.. so soon. We should have reunions more often. Reminds us how old we are getting! haha

Scary shit man yesterday..talking about ghost stories non-stop. See why I don't watch horror movies? lol.



haha Thanks Ka Wah!

The other guy that came, his name is Tan Jin Kuan. hehe and yes..ghost stories are actually really interesting to listen to. No matter how much it freaks you out, you would still wanna listen to it. hahaha what did we learn? never to overtake a red kancil cuz it might be Ka Wah's car. =P! hehehe