Starting college tomorrow and I'm excited. I hope it'll be a good year ahead.

Do I have any resolutions for myself?

I'm not really a "making resolutions" for the new year type of person. I've tried making some resolutions but it failed. I think resolutions are no different from the goals that you set for yourself.

But I do set targets or small goals for myself and try to achieve them. For me it is much simpler to do it that way. It gives me the feeling that I have the chance to achieve it thus, I would do my very best to try and achieve that goal. Everyone needs something to focus on don't they? or at least some direction. =)

So tomorrow, will be the day that I start my new semester without really knowing what to expect. I'm starting to go deeper into my major, I only just finished my foundation and it's like equipping us with the right tools. If foundation was already so hectic, I wonder what would the 2nd semester be like? I hope I am strong enough to go through with it. I know it is not going to be easy. Nothing is easy.

It always amazed me how time flies. Just 2 years ago I was in form 5, worried about SPM. Can you imagine? 2 YEARS ago. And look! its already 4th January. I'm turning 19 this year.. almost an adult. Becoming closer to all those scary paying bills @.@

Just a month ago I was complaining how boring my holidays were. Haha supposed to be a productive holiday but it wasn't very productive at all! Just loads of sleeping, eating, going out and shopping and I only manage to watch 1 movie. 1!!! out of the 30 days, I only catch 1 movie! That is somewhat depressing.

And oh! For the first time, I don't have the funny nervous feeling when I get on the first day of school. I know not many people know this but I always get that feeling. A new year, first day of school, I get nervous. But this time, I'm pretty calm hehe I am not sure about tomorrow though. But I'm excited and calm ... Maybe I'm maturing? hahaha~

nitey nite

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