sold our soul

I really got a reality check today! in class I mean, for ID 2.

Who says ID earn big money? haha I don't think that is true. But you do work like hell! Like right now, our whole class got a HUGE reality check.

How terrifying is it to know that you have to know about EVERYTHING. I mean EVERYTHING! every nook and cranny. Why do we use skirting? What type of audio system there is? What is the thickness of the kitchen table top? What is the measurement for a comfortable walk way? Why you choose this layout? Why this? Why that?


It's overwhelming. The scary part is..this is only a Simple, Residential project. It's considered simple.Because the space is pretty much set. I wonder what will happen if we had to do a commercial project? We have to have our information at the tip of our fingers.

Do you know what I wish for right now?

I wish IKEA is my NEIGHBOUR RIGHT NOW! That is our best reference to go to cuz where else you can bring your mega huge measuring tape and measure till your hearts content. Boy oh boy and CNY is round the corner!

Right now, I feel we have pretty much sign an unknown contract, saying that we have sold our life and soul to ID. Eat, breathe, sleep, drink ID.

Do I regret taking ID?

I am still not sure. So far I have no regrets. Hopefully I won't feel any regret cuz seriously that would really suck.

Today was by far the most hilarious day of the year. Non-stop laughter. Until my tummy and jaw ache! Especially during presentation technique... Bonding time with the classmates are super funny. Ken started to join our craziness already. "welcome to the madhouse!"

It feels good. It's been quite awhile since we laughed so hard and talk so much. It feels really good.

Sacrifices are about to be made. Where there's a will, there's a way!

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