okie... I changed back my blog title already. haha


now...I'm bored of the old one. Must think of a new description.

I should be updating about 2nd sem and college life etc etc. I've got some pics~ I'll update real soon about it! As usual, start to have homework already, 7 weeks for 1 project.

Anyway, I'll just make this as quick as possible..

urmm..I'm going to have my piano class tomorrow and over the holidays, I broke my promise. I promised to practice because I'm going to take my grd 8 exam this year. I broke that promise =(
I'm feeling guilty about it! I got lazy over the holidays. My holidays was like what...less than 1 month? But yeah, I got lazy~ now it's really time to "face the music"

I think I'll get really screwed up tomorrow. Well, I deserve it!

I'm still worried!
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