New Layout!

I know it is nothing much...but at least it is something new. I got bored with the old one. What you guys think about it?

Chinese New Year is coming. Are you guys feeling the Festive Mood yet? I have to thank the radio stations cuz they manage to bring some festive mood into me. I'm still not feeling it that much yet. I don't know why. Maybe it is cuz of the amount of work the lecturers give! =(

I don't mind the work if I will be in KL during Chinese New Year but but but...I'm not going to be in KL! Spoilerrrr only... grrr

So technically I am not suppose to use the time I have now to change my blog layout, do new header, and writing this blog post. hehehe but what to do...I am a responsible blogger. *perasan*


Great.. there is this quiz tomorrow for Environmental Studies. A topic on Thermal Comfort. I haven't read it yet. Let's hope I won't be screwed tomorrow! I actually thought today was my last day of college. It felt like a FRIDAY!!!

This was the mess I made on the table. These few days.

To think about it, furniture layout plan is actually not complicated at all. But it takes so long to do! I think it's the "thinking" part that takes forever.. like how the circulation works, how much space someone needs if you were to put a table there etc etc.

I don't know why I'm feeling quite happy today. I'm not complaining about it but just feel odd. Maybe it is because I feel I did something right? Or just nothing went bad today...

cuz yesterday I really had a bad day! my mood was all topsy turvy... and my silver pumps went crocodile!!! before class starts! hahaha I think it was funny...slightly embarrasing..luckily only 1 subject. hehe

random : I have the sudden urge to cut my hair short.

I think it's cause of the weather...pfft.

it's time to go!



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