Just an update.

Before I start of at least continue my homework I suddenly have the urge to blog about my day today. Monday classes are the longest! But so far it is still manageable, I just suddenly realised that except for Mondays and Saturdays I only have one subject a day. But life in M.I.A is still pretty hectic due to the time needed to spend on research -___-"

I repeat,

I am not a big fan of researching. grrr

Maybe I get impatient or I don't really see or notice the details of the information.

today we got FLOODED with work to do. Okay, not really flooded lar but close enough. Again, I underestimated the amount of work that Mr Mazlan would give. I knew he was going to give work today but I didn't realise how much. Sigh!

So yeah, lots of work to do and yet here I am suddenly having the urge to blog for no reason in particular. Just feel like blabbering aimlessly in this empty space, at least my blog won't look so dead. I know it feels dead.

I'm enjoying my classes, although I get kinda blur sometimes hehe. Maybe cuz it is the beginning of the semester. By the way, we had our first Presentation Technique class, judging by the name of the subject you might be thinking that it is some kinda subject that teaches you how to present something. That's what I thought in the first place too but it's not. It's actually learning how to present your work...that means, we learn how to colour using different mediums, we learn how to sketch/draw perspective drawing. It's not easy colouring an interior using colour pencil or marker. @.@ especially when you have to consider the colour scheme, the lightings.. the effect, highlights.

I got kinda nervous that I forgot my basics! I feel so guilty and sorry towards Pn. Normaliza right now. It's just one picture...and I took almost an hour just colouring 1 wall. Die lor like that.

Actually today was a good day, until somewhere at the end there. Don't want to mention it here, we'll just have to see how it goes.

I'm really liking our class. Not the class but the people in it. Both pinks and green~

I just realised that this month I have to spend a lot of money again. =( for research, printing in colour, photocopying the Time Saver or known as our "bible" and buying marker pens. Not those cheap marker pens or Magic Pens you know. Those expensive like it will cost you almost RM100 just to buy like 15 colours.

Thank goodness I'm done with CNY shopping..sorta lar... at least no need to feel so painful when I spend money~ especially for this month.

okie! time to get back to work now.

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