Hi, I'm from 2 Pink

If you see all the blogs, almost everyone's is talking about their first day in college and first day of school. Guess what? Me too! =)

sorry no pictures yet. I'll upload soon. From here onwards it is just loads of words!

Let's see, my first day of college actually wasn't too bad. I was looking forward to going to college. I reached there really early, to avoid the jam. When I reach M.I.A, NO ONE WAS THERE YET. I reached there slightly before 8 am I think. I saw the freshie's! hehe. Not many though, not as much as the second and third intake.

Wow, I'm already in Semester 2 and considered like a senior. o.O haha

After awhile, people start coming. More familiar faces like Kay Wan, Adrien, Luppy etc etc

We went up to ID department to check our name and time-table. I thought we were going to be in the same class but the ID students are split into 2 classes. So I was so happy when I saw our name list. Those from Orange class last year are all together in one class together with most of the students from Red class. So it's all familiar faces! The other class consist of students from Yellow last year and some of the students from Red.

Now to think about it, ID students from Red class are all boys and the students from Yellow class are all girls. Only Orange got both girls and boys. -___-" how weird.

Guess what is my class name.

*here is where I am really lame*

Take a wild guess! *it'll be even lamer if no one can guess cuz it's so obvious. haha*

it's called 2 PINK.

oh my gosh~ hahaha it is really weird introducing ourselves as students from 2 Pink. Sounds kinda gay in a way. No offence! It feels interesting and weird. The bad news? That lecturer that we have been complaining last year is teaching us again! only our class.. =( I really wanted to scream at that moment.

Our lecturer for ID 2 is Mr. Mazlan. So far, we're getting good vibes from him, I find him kinda cool...can speak so many languages! @.@ I feel even more like a banana now. haha I'm improving but it still sucks. He can speak mandarin, cantonese and hokkien. haha

Nothing much about the first day, our later class got canceled. It was just good to see all of them again. Being in the same class with Jah, Pearl, Luppy and the rest of our classmates is just GREAT.

so far no work yet. I think this Thursday I will start having homework.

One thing I don't like is that I have to start getting used to travelling again! I get really tired when I reach home..it's like how I felt last year at the beginning. I really hope I get used to it fast!

Today, I had Pengajian Malaysia~ damn! really eye opener.. I used to know a lot of things about Malaysia and now I pretty much know nothing about it! Even a simple task like naming all the states and its capital city.

I think it's going to be an interesting class~ so many things to re-learn again.

oh! Another thing, I have classes on Saturdays! And on Wednesdays, I have no class. Boy oh boy. But I like the schedule because almost all ends earlier in the evening or in the afternoon. So I don't need to drop dead when I reach home. Even if I stay back it's still safe for me. hehe

So, to sum it up, it's been good. I hope it'll get better =)

Pictures soon! I promise! =) Wanna collect the pictures for this week first before uploading.

~New Year, New Beginning, New Adventures, New Experience, New Memories~

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