Chinese New Year break has finally begun! Excited?? Hehe I am getting kinda excited!

Had a quiz today, and I am not sure if it went well. =( I couldn't remember what I read! I had tummy ache the whole dayy and I felt pretty dead. After class, 7 of us went to Secret Recipe from some sort of celebratory last day before our holidays start. haha 7 slices of cakes and 1 plate of cheesy fries! lots and lots of cheese and chocolate!

the verdict?!

I've never been so broke before. Not cuz the money was spent on food but cuz the money was spent on printing, materials.

Came home, ate a very late lunch, slept and here I am. hehe I have to do some spring cleaning for my room and work area. I've got new bed sheets!!! the colour so niceee and it's violett...


I gotta work hard these few days so I can enjoy the CNY holidays kao kao.

my bro is coming back tomorrow. Whole family will be togetherr again. =)

Meeting up with the primary schoolmates tmrrow nightt. Lynnett, finally can see you again! haha after so long!

Can't wait to wear new clothes. =P

I hope my parents will agree. I really really really hope they do. No matter what, I am going to make this happen! Cuz to me right now, I really really need this.

oh! just finish watching The Nanny..haha super hilarious~

After feeling so unwell, tired and a bit upset, suddenly I feel like jumping around and being crazy with the friends. haha I want to have a karaoke session! =P

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