A bit of 2 Pink

I did not get to take as much pictures as I wanted to, but got some lar.

This was on the VERY FIRST DAY of college~ haha

I wore a shirt that said "Don't be Trashy, Please Recycle" dedicated to Luppy. =P

Leong. Luppy

hehe, during Pengajian Malaysia, I brought the Chobits or cat's ears to class.

Evonne looks so cute!

Luppy looks so cute also!

1st try

2nd try
hahaha me, tak jadi cute lar...
look so cacat~
attempted to do "kawaii" look but failed terribly!

I think she looks like a cat. haha
She also attempted the "kawaii" look.
Failed also I think. haha

That was the most interesting pics for the first week.

About my homework, ID 2 is quite interesting. Hard, complicated but hopefully I know what I am doing. haha We already got our "first client" =)

But damn...the process of doing this project is long. I'm not a big fan of researching. People think that in Interior Design you just have to sit there, think and draw. Well yeah, but that is only a small incy wincy teeny tiny part of it. @.@
There are a lot of processes to go through. So many factors to consider...


Last year I didn't realise ID got so much to study.

So this year, I know ID got a lot to study, but after the first week, I didn't realise we have THAT MUCH to study. -___-

Bring it on!

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