9 is the new 8

my title doesn't make much sense. Just ignore it. =)

Wow, 2008 has already gone to the past and 2009 is now our present.

happy happy HAPPY NEW YEAR!

For me I didn't really celebrate or went anywhere for a countdown. I actually fell alseep when the clock struck 12! That was how tired I was! One of the nearby neighbours had the whole fireworks thing going on...oh my goodness it was so loud I nearly went deaf! it was nice..I didnt really pay attention to it though, all I wanted to do was sleep! haha. On new year's eve I went to KLCC with Leong, Annie, Evonne and Sebastion. =)

It was quite fun..We had our lunch in Sushi King. So long didn't eat there.. We watched Bedtime Stories! hehe The show is seriously hilarious! And finally after 4 months since Dark Knight, I get to enter a cinema and watch a movie! o.O"

The cinema service at KLCC sucks. Maybe cuz it was new yr's eve so the system was a little problematic. But gosh...not very efficient. But the seats are comfy though. We didn't do much there, just jalan-jalan, checked out the Petronas Gallery, window shopping...etc.

2 days before New Year, I went shopping with Pearl and Jah. It was really a fun day! Since I did most of my shopping already I didn't buy much. Pearl did though..hehe GOOD BARGAINS! Jah too! crazy ppl~ hehe after that we went to Karaoke. I love karaoke. Get to go crazy and have loads of fun. I've never sang so much and push so hard before. It's a good practice..haha Btw, if you ever got a chance to listen to Pearl and Jah sing, you will just stoned there and get chills. They are that good. =)

And yesterday, I spend the whole day baking! So tired right now. hehehe

baked a lot of chocolate chip cookies. I'm actually really sick of it now.. -___-" I tried baking brownies again. Following a kid's recipe book. But again I failed~ The cake turn out great but it wasn't really brownie like. It was more like a Butter Cake. Haha. So hilarious but it taste good. Later today, in like 8 hours, I will be going to college to pay my course fees and Wangsa Maju to shop with Pearl.

my goodness.. My whole month holiday is all about shopping. haha damn, sales are just way too attractive to resist.

Well, I'm really tired. I've been out and about almost everyday for these pass 2 weeks. I'm at lost for words. Don't know what to write.


I want bugsy!

There will always be someone better.
Gotta work harddddd'err!
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