2 days before college~

I'm actually feeling hungry right now. This is not good!!! I mentioned before...one of the reasons why I don't really like holidays is because I tend to eat a lot.. Another reason why I'm glad college is starting. So I can get busy! hehe

Bro made me go jogging with him just now @ like 11 pm. I wanted to say no cuz I was sleeping! but just went. haha I'm glad I did go though, manage to go 2 rounds this time and when I got home, I didn't have that nausea feeling~ hehe But right now, my legs..feels like jelly. I swear I'm going to suffer tomorrow! @.@ But it's a good thing!

I actually went to college yesterday, wanted to pay my fees but they told me I have to bank in the cheque. -___-" and I found out that they use the "cummulative grade point average" urm. I don't really know how to explain. But all I can say is that it sucks. haha It's going to be so hard to maintain the results..a slight slip and the GPA drops!


anyway, Pearl was with me and we both went to get her jeans altered. We also went to Jusco again. =)

I wanted to get that "Perfect" casual dress and I tried it on for the second time. It looks good but it isn't so perfect after all =( so in the end I didn't get that dress. After that we just jalan jalan... We ate at Shakey's, the service was bad, slow... After killing some bad guys in the arcade we went to Ampang Point. We were bored, don't know what to do...

We actually got stuck in some dead end and I couldn't drive myself out. So sadd. Luckily got one guy helped us! he was really so nice! thank goodness there are still good people around. To be honest I was actually scared! Who knows right? It wasn't my fault, there weren't any signs that indicated that lane was a dead end. Sheeshh

On the way back, my mum called..=( I forgot to call my dad telling him I'm safe etc etc..haihs. Then I was so bum out about it that I almost crash my car. Damn sui I tell you. I didn't crash my car lar. Just that it sounded like. It was just a curb..BUT SO SCARY! I was imagining the worst already. Thank goodness nothing happen, just kena the rubber thing near the tyre there.

See! never call anyone to tell them bad news, sad news or even exciting news. Unless it's urgent and it's a matter of life and death...IT CAN WAIT.

Who knows what might happened right?!

Went shopping a little. We both got books that are ancient! from Payless books. The books are dated back like 1900's. So worth it. 50% discount! We actually wanted to go karaoke at the song box. It sucks but at least can sing. But it was so horrible..not even Whore-a-ble..its just plain bad. Worst than the first time we went! It was so loud, we can hear the beats on our heart.

I had headache the whole day so the karaoke thing didn't help at all~


I really had fun but the karaoke sucked! haha

Basically that's about it.
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