While I was opening my car door, I hit my head on it. Kinda stupid really. I don't know how I did not see the car door as I was opening it. =( It feels a bit bengkak.. sigh

Put the pain aside. I had a blast todayyy...

I've really enjoyed today so much...thanks =)))

I am also in love with my purchases today. hehehe

Carl's Junior without the buns are so yummy =P

Can't wait for the next one!

*ouch* my bruise still hurts... =(

Christmas is coming. I don't know why I'm feeling excited for Christmas and after this month is Chinese New Year...another exciting celebration. happy happy happy...I don't even know why I'm suddenly so happy.

One thing I want to do is buy candy canes. hehe Not to eat but to share with my friends. Miss all of them dearly...

I am already missing college. It hasn't even been a week yet and I wanna see them already! I hope to see them real soon but most of them already gone back to their hometown..

Let's have a gathering real soon...can we? hehe

lots of love~

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