Jah's BIG 20

Suppose to blog about this yesterday but I was so tired and feet felt like it's about to come off. Well no, my feet felt okay but my pinky toe suffered the most in those wedges. I want to get new wedges! =( maybe next year lar, cannot spend so much already. The toe nail of my pinky toe felt like it was going to come off! It really hurts.

okay, enough about my feet.

Yesterday was Jah's Big 20!

*hahaha sorry, inside joke*

Anyway, we were suppose to meet up at the Christmas tree at Times Square. I went there wayyy earlier than the rest of them. I promised Pearl and Leong that I wait for them at the IMBI monorail station which I did.

It was a coincidence, I met Jah + Luppy at IMBI while I was waiting for Pearl + Leong. So we waited for Pearl + Leong to come. It was really funny. Both pairs have funny stories to tell. So we walked to the Christmas tree and met up with Adrien and Mohammad.

Off we went to Low Yat's Redbox~

Kind of a historical moment for me.


This is my first time going for Karaoke.

Red box is kinda cool. Comfortable. Well I got no other experience to compare it with. Haha it feels really weird to sing with a mic. The last time I sang on a mic was when I was 10 yrs old! I don't know how I sounded like. I think it was bad? hahaha
Sorry for the blurred pic.

So we sang a lot of songs. *I want to go sing K with them again* haha somehow we sang a lot of emotional songs.. I don't know why... Romantic emo songs. Sobs.

We sang from 11 till 2. Had our lunch there..etc etc.. sing sing..cam whore cam whore..

With pearl and luppy

Pretty isn't she? hehe do I look weird? I think I looked weird. -__-"

Pearl! haha Love her lots! If we don't get ourselves a bf we're gonna be lesbo's =P
That's our joke together..hahaha

And then, Jah's high sch friends surprised her. *tadaaa!* haha We already knew about it. It was a surprised for Jah.. aww shooo shweeet.. The cake was yummy. =P

After singing the last few songs, finishing off the cake. We went to Sungei Wang to go roller blade but it was kinda pricey so it's off to bowling instead! So we walked to Times Square.

Birthday girl! Sorry for the blurred pic again. -_-


Seriously, I looked like a school girl with the shorts, white socks and the velcro shoes. -__-"


Jah got luck! While the rest of us screwed up with our bowling she was the only one who did well. hehehe We all sucked...

After bowling, we sort of went shopping. Pearl got her 2 skinny jeans. I got a skirt for a very good price. But now I'm thinking..omg the skirt..where am I going to wear it to?!

Jah and Mohammad went dating somewhere. Luppy,Adrien and Leong went and explore some very "interesting" shops =X

Jah and Mohammad went back earlier. So the rest of us find a place to get a drink. Walk and walk...we ended up in Starbucks. I manage to try the Dark Cherry Mocha Frap. Haha I like the name as much as I love the drink! I'm glad I took the chance to try it. It tasted yummy.. Pearl loved it so much she paid half for the drink.

Then we all went back~

I miss them already. I hope next week can go out watch movie with them. My holidays are almost over and I have not watched a single movie yet! What is wrong with me?! I hope Annie and Evonne comes back to KL soon then we can go ice-skating~

with love,

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