It's time to bid our farewells.

Hey you guys! =)

Wow, can you believe it? In a few days time, we have to bid our goodbyes to 2008. I think I've grown and learn so much this year. I'm glad for so many things.
My mood today isn't so greatt.

Let's see what has happened over these past 12 months. hmm~ I got my first real job, at a kindergarten and lasted there for 7 months before deciding to quit! Thats really long! haha

I got back my SPM results which was a really shockingly happy moment for me. Due to that, I had trouble deciding what I want to study. But I'm glad I didn't straight away take the early intake. I wonder if I just ignored what I truly enjoy and just took that business course, would I be as happy and I am feeling now?

I went to Hong Kong with my mum. Amazing experience..haha kinda wanna go back there again. =P

I got my drivers license this year. Which is good! hehe at the beginning I couldn't imagine myself driving at all. I really feel that I am bound to get an accident. But I am thankful, none of that has happened to far.

I also thought that I would miss high school. The truth is, I don't really miss it, I know I may sound like some ignorant,ungrateful brat. Don't get me wrong, I love school, I have always loved school but that doesn't mean I was happy. I know I am much more happier now than I was in school. Even my mum said so, she said as much as I loved school, I was always frustrated,moody and sad...well most of the time. She was right. I was upset most of the time. I don't miss it. I missed being with some of my friends and some of the teachers. But I'm sad to say that high school has given me some of the saddest memories and traumatizing moments that I have ever have. So "dramatic" right?. haha you don't know what I've been through.

I think one of the happiest thing that has ever happened to me this year apart from getting my SPM results is enrolling into M.I.A. Although I have only been studying there for about 4 months, I've never felt so happy before. It's like I am comfortable there. The amount of work they give is crazy but even so, I am happy doing it. Most of all, I am so glad to have found friends in college that I truly am comfortable with. I hope over the next 5 semesters, we will still be as close as we are..over even closer than that.

so, I feel like saying thank you to 2008 cuz this year has really helped me grow up into a much more mature girl/young lady/adult. Whichever that sounds good with the sentence.

As for 2009,

of course I would wish that the year goes by smoothly but there is no point really. Because I won't know what lies ahead of me. There is definitely going to be a few bumps here and there it's just the matter of how big and heavy the bumps are and how I decide to deal with it and heal from it.

I just hope that next year will be a good year.I just want to be happy and just do my best in everything.
I also hope everyone else would have a good year. =) I wish everyone the best in what their doing or what they plan to do.

To be honest, I am excited that college is starting. A little bit pressured because it is going to be tough but at the same time happy cuz I can see all my friends again.

with love~
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