I just want to be happy

I deleted my last post about me being emo..

I usually don't delete any of my post. But I was thinking, I have had this blog for about a year and a half and within this period so many sad things had occured and I have blogged or at least expressed about it in this blog. In a way, lots of sadness has been poured into this one little blog.

So, I'm going to try to change and try to be more happy and positive. My mum told me last time that I always seem so negative and moody. I don't want to be like that. Now that I'm more comfortable with myself, I am going to be a happier me.

We all have choices. Why be sad when we can choose to happy.

Besides, in the future, when I or any other people read my blog, I want it to be memories that I could smile with not memories that reminds me of the things that made me cry. The feeling of hurt that I never want to feel again. Of course sad things will happen and I will blog about it..But the person I want to be now and the impression I want to give is a positive one. Not some emo,depressed girl and sad girl who chose to be unhappy.

I am different. I choose to be happy. I am growing up to be an adult. I'm not some rebellious, emo teenager anymore. *except when hormones attack!* =)

These are memories. Happy moments in my life...Not all just some. =)

not in chronological order.. between the years of 2005 until now.

Chicks rule! =P


New Year!


When Japanese invaded visited our school. =P

The first time I got awarded as the assistant head prefect when at the time my post was only the secretary..

Singapore with my brothers

Hong Kong with mum

haha will i ever do this again?

Perhentian with piano teacher and another friend

Bro's graduation!
With love
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