Here u go Justin..=) found 1

This picture is for Justin Lim!

hehehe...I realised just now all my happy moments pictures posted got no Justin Lim inside..and he realised it too. Whoops...don't merajuk arr...

The most sad thing was... after being in the same class with him for 5 years..yes form 1 until form 5...I DON'T HAVE A SINGLE DECENT PICTURE WITH HIM...except for the above..that was the only decent one I found.. T.T

I cannot imagine...5 YEARS and not one decent's either I look bad in the pic, he looks bad in the pic, a portion of his face got cut out or his/my face is blurred.. so cacat'ed.

sigh..I hope we get to meet up soon...for yum cha or whatever..and then MUST TAKE ATLEAST A FEW GOOD PICTURES...

Connection right now is really sucky...I can't enter facebook. =/ damn! I'm feeling so bored now...not cool at all.
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