Fresh and clean ;)

Now reflecting back how I was when I was in primary school and my early teenage years. I would classify myself as a dork. Seriously!

My fashion sense was atrocious! omgosh. How I look was every bit DORKY...How did I manage to survive until today...I wonder if lets say 10 years from now, when I look back, will I see myself as a disaster?

Phew! I'm pretty much done clearing up my room! Trying to make it habitable again..hehe *slight exaggeration* I actually have not slept in my room for quite a long time. It's either I borrow my bro's room or I will fall asleep on the couch. Mostly the latter. No joke, especially the week before and during my assessment, I have been sleeping on the couch.


Are u ready to see the transformation?

be prepared...

in the midst of messing it up to clear up the room!

transform to this!




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