Finally, freedom

Finally my assessments and exams are overr!
I'm so happy I feel like going out everyday!!!! *screams*

I'm smiling like a dork right now. Well you would too if you had to shut yourself away from most of the entertainment and outside world for a few months plus with many sleepless nights.

I'm satisfied with my work. Maybe not 100% but at least at a very good level. I'm not too happy about Interior Design because I have no idea what is going on and the lecturer is BIAS.[no offence to Leong..hehehe]

Of course there are some things I could have done better but overall..I'm happy, I'm really happy.

So many things had happened since I started college in August. Good things, bad things and extremely shocking things! Recently there are some bad things that happened lar, it really hurts but it is what I learn from it that counts right? The problem with it is that it has happened a few times before but with different situation and yet it still hurts.

But I'm gonna stay strong and not let this get to me.

First assessment was drawing.

These are the drawings that I did from mid-sem onwards. =)

If you can see the bottles and the vegetables, those are done by using colour pencils. The rest are with oil pastels/crayons...

This is Pear's amazing vegetables!!! Hats off to her man... I think she was the only one in class that made the chinese cabbage look like chinese cabbage...hehehe

this was like 3 days before assessment week? hahaha

2 days before assessment week...doing modular structure. I was pretty moodless and pissed of really. hahaha not telling you whyyyy...=P

we all started having panda eyes and eye bags.

the end result of our modular structure. Cool right?!!!! most of the credit for our modular structure goes to LUPPY! haha he and his interest to the universe/stars/space etc...hehehe

Junkbob Trashpants, son of spongebob squarepants. lol! our proud assemblage...made out of junk materials... hrmm..i look so chubby...=(

Luppy's collage...The reenactment of the Birth of Venus! hehehe using us as props..=P me like!

this is my space for the Art and Design Fundamentals and 3 D assessment. =)

I don't know why I chose red and the main colour for most of my things.. I think Mr Chin thought I had an obsession for red!

this one of it on the wall...Simulation and Invention. Both painted using water colour..

I didn't show all the pictures. Just a lil here and there.

Now it's time to plan my holidays! Shopping? hanging out with friends? I want to hang out with all my college friends too but sadly most of them are going back to their hometown. I'm going to miss them so much.

At least I'm going ice skating on monday! =)

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