Crunch time

  • I was rushing to get my driver's license in case I was really going to go Malacca to study.
  • I was rushing to get my portfolio done so I can enter Malaysian Institute of Art (MIA).
  • I was rushing to get all my assignments done in time for assessment.

So right now I am rushing again. I know it's my holidays and I should be planning how wild my holidays are suppose to be. But the truth lazy as I'm feeling right now, I have to rush for my piano exam. I was so busy until I had to sacrificed my piano...lessons and practice time. So this is the time where I should brush up on all 3 pieces till I am damn good at it..

I'm just worried I don't have the patience and the drive to practice. I have wasted 1 week of lazing around and not practicing..=(


I really need to nail this by this month because next year, when I start my 2nd semester..I would not know how my schedule is going to be like..What if I am busy...I would be so screwed... besides my exam will be in April.

I have to get it done by April so that :

  • I can focus on my ID course, and move out cuz I stay so far away from coll.
  • It's my final grd...might as well just get it done right..
  • My teacher is planning to further her studies overseas...she might not have the time after that to teach me anymore..

so's all inter-connected.. Like a chain reaction. So in a way...IT'S A BIG DEAL!

I'm in need of a miracle right now.

Is there like a goddess of music that I can pray too ? or a music fairy... I have 2 weeks with no classes to brush up as much as I can so I can show my teacher. Rawrrr....

I guess it is a good thing. I have something to keep me focus during the holidays instead of letting myself go to waste. I really want to do soooooo many things this holiday. Its like I have a million and one things of what I want to do. haha.

I'm going out again tomorrow. =) so glad. Next week I hope I get to meet up with my friends from college + high school + primary school.. I actually feel like travelling.. Driving to somewhere Penang..or maybe Malacca... I doubt that is going to happen. But one thing I must do this holiday is celebrating Christmas and the New Years with my friends. That is another thing that I must try to achieve!!! must must much as how I must get my piano stuff done.

And oh! One thing I do not like about the holidayssss...I tend to eat...constantly. It's not fun... I don't get why most of my friends can feel lazy and not eat during the holidays when there is nothing to do. I am the total opposite. I will go and find food. It sucks...I am worried. I don't think it is a good thing. =( I need to figure out how to deal with this. I don't want to go back to coll looking chubbier. I am already normal/on the chubby side...

oh dearrr....

oklar..I think I typed enough words already.



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