Comic Fiesta 08

I think mine looks like cow's ears. But it's suppose to be either a cat or chobits ears.

I'm standing next to a teddy bear that goes "miao" =P

It's always good to try something new isn't it?

Check out that lil doll on the left shoulder

So I'm glad that Emily asked me if I want to check out this Comic Fiesta in Sunway Pyramid. If you asked me last time I would have said no because I don't have much of an interest in these kind of event. But this time I was thinking, " what the heck? " just give it a go and try. So I'm glad I did.

Before I continue, Happy Winter Solstice/"Tong Zhi"/"Guo Dung"! Sorry, no picture of the tong yuen.

hahaha. The interior of the toilet was actually really glamourous and classy-like

Ok, I actually have no idea what is this Comic Fiesta about and plus you have to buy tickets to enter it. It's actually really interesting and quite fun really *I think I want to go again next year!*

There were competitions/events, but I didn't really pay much attention to that because I don't know who the characters were or what anime is it from. Got loads of booth where people sold their work or fan art work. Really cool! I didn't buy any anime artwork but I did buy some really super KAWAII handphone accessories for myself and my friends. Really CUTE and its handmade!

Don't ask me who they are. Emily told me but I forgot. You can ask her or her sis..Apparently these 3 really cosplayed very well. As in, they really follow exactly like the character~

Basically thats about it.. I can't really write much about it, just that it's really an interesting event and for me I wouldn't mind attending it again next year!

My dearest senior, Yee Wen~

haha so good to see her again.

With Emily and Yee Wen~

Animal bodyguards.

I did buy more stuff but lazy to show pictures lar. haha I actually bought some Interior Design magazines. So bloody expensive! Sad to say that a lot of local ID magazines, really sucks! I also bought a book, about understanding paintings. Because I really enjoyed my art history class, I really wanted to get this book and there are some paintings which I recognised! But the book is not cheap either. SIGH!

Malaysia should really open up to arts. Performing arts etc, it's like other countries are moving forward, thinking forward and our country is like....making more issues, moving backwards, thinking backwards. All these political issues, racial issues, language issues.

Btw, if you guys got the chance check out this website 30 day artist, I think it's interesting. I met this guy from the Comic Fiesta, he was selling his comic called " I see many butterflies ". He say it's hindi art. Something different and it is not like the typical manga like comics. I wanted to purchase the book on the first day but had second thoughts. The next day, sean,emily and I went to that booth again. Haha he recognised me and we all chatted so in the end I did get his book. All three of us now owned the book! He even autographed it for us, haha it was funny lar the whole situation.

Well I read the comic already, I find it intriguing. It makes me want to know more. Another reason why I bought it was also because I'm a kinda into the " support local artist " thing. Because I think that our local artist are good. =)

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