I totally fell asleep. I missed the dumpling making session. =(

Went to Comic Fiesta today and going again tomorrow. It's actually really fun. Got a lot of cute cute or should I say kawaii stuffs there. Got some presents for my friends!

Happy 18th Birthday to.........


I missed you! haha Project warga times. The time when we rushed for our seni project. Thanks for being a good friend =) wow. Time really flies. =) Hope to see you again. hehe


Shu Fen!!!

I missed you too! I think I told her this many times before but I'm going to say it again anyway. I became friends with her in the canteen when we were in form 1! It was because she taught me how to fold the double heart. =P haha same class for 5 years also. You will always remember her as being the person that is loud and happy! hehe hope to see you soon!

Oh yeah!

before I forget, I finally got back my results yesterday!
Pearl called me and got me so nervous and excited at the same time! That girl...haha got A- for her ID!!! so good..
My results weren't too bad also. will blog abt it tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

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