Birthday wishes

Finally got my hair trimmed.

I feel like an adult today. Usually my mum would bring me to get my hair cut because :

  1. I have a phobia going to hair saloons..ever since my disastrous hair cut at a saloon somewhere in Cheras. No offence but he gave me a very cacated and lala-like hair style.
  2. The language

But today, muahahahaha...I FEEL SO INDEPENDANT. *smiles* To my mum, my hair looks the same except that it is neater...-____- to me it looks veryyy different. My evil plan is to keep my hair long because the whole year last year my hair was really short...and once I have enjoyed my long hair..I'm going to get a drastic hair cut! Short hair all over again..and the process shall repeat and repeat and repeat.

*thunderous evil laugh*

I don't know what's gotten into me. Suddenly feel so comical.


Happy Belated Birthday from this blog to :

  1. Shariffah Khadijah or known as Jah/Yoda-jah and formerly known as SEXY BACK KAT~
  2. Choy Meng
  3. My godmother

hehehe Yesterday was their birthdays. No worries, I manage to wish them on time..only this blog post is lateee.

And today


  1. Xin Yun
  2. Wai Hung

Happy Sweet 18th!

Sorry got no cake. Sorry got no presents. I hope you like this birthday cake pics that I found.
Don't they look so beautiful? Really beautifully decorated.


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