All I want for Christmas is to be Happy.

I had a good Christmas. Thanks to PEARL.hehe

I was actually hoping to be able to celebrate Christmas with my college friends. But unfortunately cannot. Well everyone went back to their hometown and different schedule. Oh well! At least I got to celebrate with one of my bestie and not at home ;D

Thanks for the earrings! I really lurrrveeeee them! I hope you like your onigiri. hehe

We went to Jusco at Wangsa Maju and Jusco at Setiawangsa. Yes, we went to 2 Jusco's! It was fun! We both found the PERFECT..and I mean PERFECT casual dress!!! But we didn't buy it. I'm not going to post up the pic of the dress. hahaha

But seriously, it was beautiful!

I really like the Jusco around that area. Really nice to to walk and hang out there. hehe

I had fun at the arcade.

Thanks, I'm really glad.


I thought I've shed enough tears about that matter. It's not my wrong, I was hurt and betrayed. But I guess I still haven't got over it because if I did, I would not have cried again today. Sigh, times like this I really dislike crying.

It's funny, all I want was someone to listen and just ask about it. Instead I was advised, not that I don't appreciate it but I feel like I know all of these...but even though I'm trying *or at least I hope I'm trying* it is still stuck in me. I can't let go of it.

so how?

If I'm over it, if I've found a solution for it...I wouldn't have cried...would I?

Well, as I've said before..I'm still searching.

okay, that's all for now. I hope everyone had a good Christmas =)

I had a couple of drinks, I don't think I'm drunk. A lil woosy but not drunk.
I love tank tops.
with love,
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