going back late and having McD's

Yesterday was quite productive? At least we manage to finish the sign for Sponge Bob. hehehe

Had McDonalds yesterday! Yummm =)

Last time, when I used to drive back alone I always drive past McD and think like "hmmm should I stop by and get something to eat?" But because I was alone so it isn't much fun. I'd probably look like some sad pathethic girl eating alone and looking around.

*I feel like getting the Madagascar hair band* hehehe

Now, Adrien and I carpool...haha which is awesome I have to say. It's so boring to always drive alone... So yesterday he suggested why not we go McD's to eat? I was like " YES!" hahaha


we should have more McD's dinner from now onwards! hahaha

Jah went back at 5.45 and Pearl went back about 6..

Adrien and I went back about 7.30? Seriously it was the latest we have ever gone home. But I don't really mind because I wasn't alone. Thank goodness Adrien was with me..

I may sound lame but it is kinda fun going home from college at night. =P

the classroom only left Xuan, Chun Keat (i think tht's the spelling) and Chris.. I got conned by Chris...haha

that's about it i guess. =)
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