great progress for Sponge Bob..hehe I think its turning out to be really nice!

Tomorrow after piano class I will be going back to college. =( speaking of piano...
I like playing the piano for fun. Learn awesome songs. But I don't really like the idea of playing for exams ya know. I used to be okay with it but now after starting college...I just want to play for fun. I know my mum isn't going to like it if I mention it and I'm not sure about my teacher. I'm just gonna shut up. Parents already told me that I must finish my piano...

Eversince I started college, all the stress is starting to build up. The feeling of wanting to make it better and improve. Added with piano exam coming...the extra pressure and stress, i think its causing me to slow down. I know they will say you just have to manage your time. Thats true. But hey! I'm only as human as I can be. I am no robot.

I'm a person who likes to be serious and also like to have fun. I can't be serious all the time because I know I don't like to miss out on the fun. If you ask me to study all the time during my school life I can bet that I am already in the pysco ward. I WILL GO CRAZY.

So even though NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE....and THE SKY IS THE LIMIT....I am trying. I think I am really trying. But everytime I think about the fact that I have to sit for my exams, it just isn't attractive enough for me to sit in front of the piano and start playing. But when I think about songs/pieces that I want to play...Then I will play. HOW ODD IS THAT?!?!

omgosh..I've got some serious issues to settle wei.

I feel as though I'm at a dead end, I've not practice for 3 weeks! I was really sick. I really dislike getting sick lar..

Sick = not able to do work = more pressure because works keep pilling up = can't spend time on other stuff because need to catch up with previous and current work!


I am thinking too much..but with that equation up there...how can I not go crazy? and the most frustrating thing is that all I do is sleep because I would be too tired.

I'm not exactly thrilled about driving there again cuz its SO FAR AWAY!!! but its okay lar...I enjoy seeing my friends again, besides, we would finish our work much faster too!


oh yeah, about my english presentation...hmm Farah didn't come to class yesterday. People are confused. Did she avoid the class or suddenly she is sick? =( I was the only one who hasn't presented. Even Adrien did his already!(he was absent so he had to present himself)

If she comes next week *which i really hope she does* then we will present next week. ALONE. EVERYONE IS ALREADY DONE. o.O so odd isn't it?

I've got a feeling that it is true. I've got a strong feeling about it. I just feel happy. But am I dreaming? Am I creating this feeling? I hope not. I dare not put on false hopes. I don't want it to be another broken dream. Oh please, let my instincts be so true that I could hardly believe it...

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