my first halloween


Computer Terminology = Done
Halloweeeee Party = Done

Assignments are never done. Thats a FACT!

Okay, let me recap what happened during Halloween Party.

It was alright I suppose.From what I heard... Quite a number of people felt bored...=( I'm so sorry to hear that.. The food was okay. Didn't really do much. Just played the games...sit and chat and hang around..

In the end I didn't feel so well. I felt like puking all thanks to lack of food.
Apart from that it was ok. Just okay...

Something is on my mind. I can't get it out of my mind!!! oh man...
CONFUSION...I want to know the truth.

it's getting so obvious..arghhh
ahhh what the hell...
like what Pearl said..Better to have tried rather than not try at all..
here are some pics from the party...
Before we transform into our "costumes" hehe
me. Pearl.
After changing~
me. Adrien. He looks good with my "cowboy" hat right? haha
spot the hat? I had to sew it to make it look like a cowboys' hat. -__- i think it kinda worked...
I really love my make up in this pic..hehe
Luppy.Adrien. =)
I like luppy's and adrien's pose!!
Adrien, the dead cowboy? =P
Ken. Pearl who is also a gypsy..
Ken.Xuan.Pearl.Jyh Pei. Me. Luppy
Mr Chin!!! doing his "bruce lee" pose..hehe
what he looks like after he had his make up on. =P
Me. Kenny
my classmates!
Wan Ling. Annie. Evonne. Luppy.
Luppy and Mr Ee!
-__-" Leong...he wasn't dancing so he had to get punish! wearing a disposable underwear..haha
he chose "BOOTYLICIOUS!!"

Pearl and I with don't know whats his name..-__-"
the joker lar! lolx

Evonne the hot lab assistant..=P

-__-" Leong and a lil bit of Xuan. hehe I didn't know he put his hand there until i saw the pic.!blegh..

No introduction needed..

haha I didn't really dance. Don't know how to...lucky I didn't get caught to wear the underwear!

I'm really surprise and glad that almost EVERYONE wore a costume..really surprise..I thought they would be like not so sporting..but boy! was I wrong.

hehe Its good to see people do acknowledge willing to put in the effort!

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