fell asleep again...

I didn't even realise that I fell asleep.

it's like I got wasted and didn't know what happened. scarriieee...

haih...woke up and felt a little angry and frustrated with myself. But nvm lar...woke up at 4am. Started doing my ID research until now. Finally I'm done, I don't know how much I got it right. I think it is okay... gotta believe in myself!

but a lot of plagiarism..hehe got some that is on my own lar...but very very very little.

everyone also just cut and paste...

sounds really sad isn't it?

oh well...

what to do? the lecturer also doesn't know what he wants.

okay, now I should prepare for English. ='( another thing that I am not looking forward to. The English presentation. I hope I get to see Farah before class..

pray for me...pray that she is feeling talkative today! hehe

with love
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