I can and I will!


That is what I am going to tell myself! I left 8 days before my FINAL ASSESSMENT.

Gosh, I shouldn't be blogging at all...But cannot lar...I need to break away from all these assignments for awhile. I'm seriously going nuts.

I don't know if the others go through the same thing as me. But the stress is crazy. Apart from college mates...I don't really talk to other people. like family~

=( so sad. Sometimes lar I get to talk to them but very rarely.

"no night,no day" say it in hokkien...

But it is going to be worth it. I know it will be worth it. =)

Today I'm gonna focus on my drawings...hopefully I can do some ID research.

We finally finished our spongebob assemblage! omgosh...I'm one proud momma right now. hahaha. We (me,pearl,adrien,luppy and jah) are proud mummy's and daddy's of spongebob @ junkbob trashpants!

Seriously it wasn't easy to build it at all! Especially when we had trouble making it stand...Even Mr Chin agreed that it is hard..

But thankfully, we manage to solve it...and the solution worked...that was the most important thing. hehehe

The finishing..like the attachment of fingers.

The final product! Spongebob is born!

I am working on this right now. this is using oil pastels @ crayons...Left one more type of onion and dried chilies and then I can move on to the next drawing!

must stay positive that I can complete all my work in time for my assessment.

wish me luck!


I can't decide anymore. I can't choose. We'll just have to see how don't we? But before all that can happen...someone has to do something...

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