I wish my foundation was a year long.

I'm having so much fun. Tiring but fun. I feel a bittersweet feeling about Semester 2. It won't be 1 Orange anymore. The noisiest class among the 3.


nobody will understand what I'm talking about now. Unless "some" of them reads this which I highly doubt so.

I actually can't believe it. Its feels odd. I kinda believe it yesterday and then when I came home I was like...no way...

How the hell did that happen? I'm not saying that its a bad thing. I'm just really shock thats all. Really really really shock...

so many questions...so little answers...

How was I obvious?

How did that happen?


my head is spinning.

I need to know. But then again...I don't want to know...

oh boy.

But I'll give it try. I'll definitely give it a try.

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