5 days before my assessment week begins!

omgosh...can I make it in time? or would it be a repetition of the mid-semester. Damn! I think I will be able to finish in time.

All I can think about right now is how much work I have and what plans do I have after the assessment.

5 days!!!


those who are taking SPM, its going to be over isn't it? hahaha good for y'all. =)

Enjoy your holidays like crazy before you start college. Maybe most of you will start in the January intake. hahaha

I remember I had a nightmare before physics test. Bloody hell...scared me until I almost cried in school. Seriously, I cried a little but not cry...just like shed a tear or two. heh...The whole night I was just dreaming about physics...madness..

and now that is all in the past...

SPM is nothing compared to college. I'm sure most of you agree...College is more fun,hectic and stressful. Atleast during SPM, you can still go out....have fun...watch tv...

At that time, SPM stress seems to be the biggest stress in the world...Now I don't even have the time to watch a proper show.. hahaha. I would rather sleep...

oh well.

thats the part of life isn't it?

But I'm lovin' it. cuz I've got great friends to go through it with me...hehehehe

*dreaming about after assessment...ice-skatingggg..movies....sleep..


bye! back to assignments...
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