the things I do to prepare...=P

My feet is going to hurt like hell tomorrow.

but it will be so worth it! haha cuz the shoe is amazingly hot! I love it!

I sort of already broke into the heel. My thighs and calves are aching. I think its about 4 inch high? I'm going to be 5 ft 7" tmrrow! hehehe

Mum likes the heels. I must start wearing all my heels again if not wasted only buy them.

Last day of assessment tomorrow. Then have to start preparing for final assessment already~ I don't think we will have break this time. I'm kinda glad in a way...No chance for me to SLACK..

I've never felt so much at home in such a long time...

All my years in high school couldn't make me feel as good as how I felt for these past 2 1/2 months in college. That was how out of place I felt in high school...

I hope I found where I belong~
I am ever so grateful for the friends/classmates I have around me in college.

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